Baby development in pregnancy

Baby development in pregnancy

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After fertilization, many changes occur in a woman's body pregnant, because the development of the baby in the womb produces great biochemical changes. For this reason, future moms begin to perceive many signs associated with pregnancy.

The first is the lack of menstruation, but since not all women have regular periods, it is important to observe other signs such as breast enlargement, nausea, heartburn, fatigue or tiredness, or frequent urination. However, it is important for the woman to confirm the diagnosis with a pregnancy test, even with all symptoms, and to see her doctor.

The pregnancy tests They are able to detect the presence of a hormone called chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced by the placenta and is present in the blood and urine of the pregnant woman.

Your baby's life begins when a sperm fertilizes one of your eggs. After half an hour, the fertilized egg divides into numerous cells as it travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus to implant in the wall of the uterus where it will continue to develop. At three weeks, the embryo already has a little heart that begins to beat. By the end of the fourth week, the head, which already has a rudimentary brain, is easily recognized, and the arms and legs begin to be recognized as well.

At the beginning of second month of pregnancy, eyes, nose and ears are observed. The embryo can move its head and body and its communication with the outside world has begun. Between the third and the eighth week, the foundations of all the internal and external structures of your body develop and throughout the third month, your heart beats more strongly. The fetus's heart beats twice as fast than his mother's and it works from the second month of pregnancy. His face is not well drawn yet, but he begins to have facial expressions. Although he is already moving, his movements are still imperceptible to the mother. Their reproductive organs are formed during the third monthof pregnancy.

From the fourth month, the reflexes of absorbing and swallowing appear. The head begins to develop more actively than the rest of the body and the face is defined. His senses also gain new abilities and he reacts to loud music and sounds.

From fifth month, can already hear you, his sense of touch is ready and he begins to move his arms and legs with sufficient force. The mother can catch their movements. His fingers become agile and he begins to develop coordination and strength.

During the sixth month, the fetus can wink the eyes and move some finger. Those movements can happen every 10 seconds. The growth of the fetus is impressive. According to some research, from the moment of ovulation from the mother until the end of the sixth week of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus will have increased 10,000 times.

From the seventh month of gestation, the baby prepares for his birth. It will start by accumulating fat, continue to build its respiratory system and end up positioning itself head down to be born. At this stage, the fetus already has a routine. He wakes up and sleeps several times a day.

By the seventh month of baby's development, his nervous system has matured to the point of controlling respiratory function and body temperature, the lungs would be able to breathe If I was born at this time His movements are more organized and his muscles stronger. By the end of this month, you can see, react to changes in light, and can follow a light source. By the eighth month, the nervous system is formed and ready to operate through a complex mass of neurons whose signals are transformed into messages, ideas, decisions and memory.

By the ninth month, it will continue to grow and develop until it is born. The baby will have less space in the tummy of your mother. But between the seventh and eighth month it is very normal for him to start kicking and his mother will notice when he is agitated or not according to the movements of his belly. The mother will be able to identify where her baby's head or bottom is.

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