Babydream Feucht Comfort

Babydream Feucht Comfort

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Babydream wipes are a product available in Rossmann drugstores. Its basic advantage is price. In addition, the basic properties are a plus: nice, delicate smell. However, there are also a huge number of minuses ...

Wipes hard to remove from the packaging. Usually several "go out" one time. In addition, the disadvantage is also degree of hydrationwhich should be assessed as insufficient. Wiping the bottom with their help is a real challenge, often instead of the cleansing effect we have to reckon with smearing the contents on the baby's skin. In this way, you need to use more wipes than with other brands. It is impossible not to mention "coarseness", "stiffness" or lack of sufficient delicacy.

Wipes are small, thin, and easy to stretch, which makes it difficult to maneuver and cleanse the skin. Toddler's more sensitive skin can even irritate.

Babydream wipes are a product that is lacking much to the ideal and even the middle class. It is uneconomical, although available at a low price.

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