Videos of hairstyles for girls at Christmas

Videos of hairstyles for girls at Christmas

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From the famous Frozen braid (one of the favorite cartoon movies for children) to an elegant heart braid. Learn to do these children's collections In a simple way. They are ideal for parties, such as Christmas.

With these video tutorials you will have no problems learning how to make an updo with which your daughter will be beautiful. Here you have a fantastic selection of hairstyles for the holidays.

From a waterfall braid to the famous Frozen braid. Updos and elegant braids for the most important days of Christmas: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve ... the day of Kings. Let your daughter pick one of these hairstyles and get down to business. We help you.

Heart braid. We teach you how to make a beautiful heart braid. To do this, you only need to follow the instructions that you will see in this video tutorial, where they explain the step by step in detail.

Frozen braid. We teach you how to make the famous Frozen braid. Follow this video tutorial where we explain how to make this beautiful braid step by step.

Cascade braid. In this video we show you how to make a waterfall braid so that you can style your daughter's hair for parties such as First Communion, baptism, Christmas or a Wedding. An original hairstyle and very easy to do to your daughter. You just have to follow our guidelines.

Headband braid. We teach you how to make a fabulous hairstyle for Christmas or any other special day. Learn how to do one of the girls' favorite hairstyles: the headband braid.

Picked up from Frozen. Learn how to make the famous updo of Elsa, the protagonist of the Frozen movie. Step by step to learn how to make a Frozen pick up for girls.

Intertwined pigtails. We teach you how to make an original hairstyle with small pigtails intertwined with each other. It is a very flattering hairstyle for girls, ideal for holidays.

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