Home tricks for fluid retention in pregnancy

Home tricks for fluid retention in pregnancy

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There are many pregnant who suffer discomfort in their body throughout the nine months of gestation. Pregnancy is a long process that generates many changes in the woman's body, and one of the problems that many future moms suffer is due to fluid retention.

This supposes a extra volume in the body, you can focus on the legs, arms any area that looks considerably heavier and larger. In we discovered how to cope with fluid retention in pregnancy with homemade tricks.

- Legs up. After a day without stopping, the best for fluid retention, especially if we are pregnant, is to put the legs at a considerable height. This means that we can put them on a chair slightly higher than the seat in which we are, or on the back of the sofa. You can also use a cushion to support your legs. A few minutes will be necessary for the blood to circulate again.

- Healthy diet. It is the most important thing to get rid of fluid retention, especially in pregnancy. A diet low in salt, rich in fruits and vegetables is the most recommended for the body to function and the volume does not increase considerably.

- Liquid. Although it seems incongruous, to avoid fluid retention the secret is none other than more liquid, as it sounds. It is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day so that the organism works much more fluidly and the liquids are not retained in areas of the body such as the legs, making the movements much heavier.

- Draining massages. Although it is not recommended to do massages of this type with an advanced stage of pregnancy, we can do them ourselves with the help of fresh gels, oils and creams. This will help areas such as the arms or thighs - where more fluids are concentrated -, to be much more relaxed. It is convenient to do it before sleeping so that the skin can rest, and it is about applying the product firmly so that the skin stretches and moves.

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