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You know him from books, you saw him on the small and the big screen. You fell in love long ago. For being a rude, rebel, clever, but also a good friend. For talking a lot and walking everywhere in his huge shoes. Now it's time to see the world's most famous cat live!

Triple tickets for the Cat in Live Shoes win:

Małgorzata Gryszel with her six-year-old daughter Malwina from Warsaw (cutout)

Aldona Trzebiatowska with daughters Jadzia (6 years old) and Tosia (4 years old) from Gdynia

Sławek Wąchała with her daughter Natalka (l.9) from Poznań

Katarzyna Łaszewska from Zabrze

Małgorzata Wąsik with her daughter Alicja from Wrocław

Ewa Brzoza with her daughter Lenka (age 7) from Krakow - glass painting technique

Thank you all for the beautiful work. Congratulations to the winners!


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