How much does it cost to have a baby in Argentina

How much does it cost to have a baby in Argentina

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The arrival of a baby is always a joy in every home. Although the initial expenses necessary for the first year of life can destabilize families' economies.

In Argentina the approximate cost of the baby's first year it can cost at least 16,760 pesos bearing in mind that most of this outlay must be done before the baby's arrival or during the first month because initially you need to have many products that are of immediate need.

1- Diapers: during the first year of the baby's life and taking into account that it may require between 6 or 8 diapers a day, it represents a minimum expenditure of 5274 pesos depending on the brand we purchase. To which should be added the cost of wipes.

2- Essential accessories for the baby: the arrival of the baby requires that we acquire a series of essential accessories whose cost can involve at least an outlay of 6524 pesos. A crib whose price may vary depending on the brand and the establishment where we buy it, with an approximate cost of 1782 pesos. We also need to buy a car to walk our baby whose minimum cost is usually around 2376 pesos, a car seat that involves an outlay of about 1404 pesos at least and a highchair whose cost is around 962 pesos. Without taking into account other accessories such as the "umbrella" car, the bassinet, or the walker so as not to lengthen the list.

3.- Food: if it is not possible to breastfeed our baby, complementary feeding may involve a minimum cost of 3108 pesos per year. To which we have to add the cost of bottles of approximately 44 pesos per year and the sterilizer that costs approximately 810 pesos.

4- Nursery school: If we do not have the help of a relative and the parents work, we have to add to the expenses of the baby's first year those derived from the nursery service, which can amount to at least 800 pesos.

5- Clothes: the approximate outlay per month on baby clothes is 200 pesos since babies grow during the first year at high speed and it is necessary to renew clothes every little time.

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