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In we are celebrating: our YouTube video channel has reached 500,000 followers. Since we published our first video on YouTube, 10 years ago, the number of followers has grown unstoppably. Our family has been getting bigger and bigger since then, always prioritizing commitment, fidelity and responsibility in the development of content for children and the whole family.

These data lead us to sing a huge ...Thank you! Thanks to the entire community of followers of our site! Thank you for your interest, for your enthusiasm, for the comments that help us improve, for your loyalty and, above all, for being part of the family of our site.

Throughout these years we have created videos of songs, stories, crafts, balloon twisting, origami or experiments. And in addition, we have interviewed psychologists, teachers, pediatricians, dentists, midwives, dentists, and a long etcetera of professionals dedicated to the world of childhood tohelp all parents in the education and care of their children. Apart from that, we have also created a pet for the little ones in the house, the Ragged Bear. So that they know him, follow his top 5 videos:

1 - Estrellita, where are you: a beautiful lullaby sung by our Traposo bear.

2 - The frog sang under the water: a funny song from our little pet.

3 - Arrorró mi niño: a sweet lullaby that calms and helps babies sleep.

4 - Mix of Traposo's songs: 41 minutes of the best songs of the mascot on our site.

5 - Cu cu, sang the frog: our Traposo bear sneaks into the Top 5 again. differs from the other video channels on YouTube becausewe bet on uniting the family, for connecting it, because we create an environment where parents and children spend quality time together, also digitally. is a founding partner ofFamilyes, a global, multilingual audience-leading platform in the family and lifestyle sector, with more than 2 billion views and more than one million videos viewed per day on YouTube, as a Google certified company. The content of our partners is identified as suitable for the whole family thanks to our seal of quality and guarantee #isFamilyFriendly. We lead content creators in topics as different as entertainment, education, music, food, crafts, health, languages, etc.

The success of our site's channel on Youtube adds to the success of our website which reaches almost 13 million unique visitors per month and 36 million page views.

Since We thank you for your loyalty and we invite you to continue with us for many more years.

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