Pregnancy and celiac disease

Pregnancy and celiac disease

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Celiac disease is one in which the small intestine is unable to absorb and assimilate gluten, a protein found in many cereals such as wheat, oats, barley, etc. The disease can appear in childhood, although in recent times there are many cases of late diagnosis, already in adulthood.

But, what happens when the pregnant woman has celiac disease? What type of diet should she eat? What risks does it entail? In We clarify it for you.

The diagnosis of celiac disease is simple, given the suspicion of the disease by presenting certain symptoms: stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, etc. An analysis is performed in which antibodies and a biopsy of intestinal villi appear, leading to the diagnosis.

This disease causes alterations in the fertility of both men and women, difficulty in getting pregnant, spontaneous abortions are often the consequence of an undiagnosed celiac disease.

Some women discover just during pregnancy that they are celiac, due to weight loss, diarrhea among others, which occurs during the 9 months of pregnancy. Here's how celiac disease can affect pregnant women:

- In pregnancy, due to intestinal malabsorption, it has been seen that Trophoblastic tissue, the precursor of the placenta, an essential organ for the proper development of the embryo, is damaged. That is why the risk of abortion in these women becomes more than double that of the non-ill or treated population.

- It has also been seen that it may be related to CIUR, retarded intrauterine growth, preterm births, etc.

- If the woman presents Celiac Disease and she is diagnosed and treated prior to pregnancy, her pregnancy will not differ in any way from any other.

- The treatment is based on a gluten-free diet, betting on fresh, seasonal food: fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meat, gluten-free cereals, etc. Fortunately, the offer for this type of person is increasingly wide, with which they can even afford elaborate desserts.

- Regarding the baby, there are no differences either. The diet of a celiac woman is complete and varied, with the presence of all the essential nutrients and elements to make it healthy for both: mother and baby.

Thus the key, as for any other woman, is a healthy, varied gluten-free diet and moderate exercise. And early diagnosis is essential to avoid complications during pregnancy.

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