Ten ideas to choose the best Christmas toy for children

Ten ideas to choose the best Christmas toy for children

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Children learn to socialize, develop mentally and physically, and acquire all the necessary tools for their future life through play.

Although children can make a long list of gift wishes, anything will entertain a curious child. How many times has it happened to us that when giving something to a child, the child prefers to play with the box than with the toy itself? In We give you some basic guidelines so that this year you do not make a mistake when choose the best Christmas toy.

1- Choose a toy according to their age and according to the tastes of each moment. Children change tastes quickly, so try not to buy a toy thinking about the future, it may stay on the shelf longer than you thought.

2- Buy something that he likes, not you. Sometimes we make the mistake of giving things that would have made us happy, however your child may not be happy about it. But it is also important not to give him all the whims, especially if they are not according to his age, and to have control over what is bought.

3- You must awaken your concerns and activate your faculties. You have to influence their skills and enhance them through play; and of course have fun.

4- That the toy is not self-sufficient. The child must be the protagonist of the game, if the toy does everything alone, the child will be a mere spectator and will not be able to interact with it, losing all interest quickly.

5- That the toy is safe and durable. It should not have sharp sides or corners, peel or detach items, or small parts, especially if it is for younger children.

6- Better to give a single toy than many. It is better not to saturate the child with many gifts, so that he will keep his attention on the new one, not scatter, and give him much more value.

7- Giving assorted toys. For young children the best are toys that develop their movement and motor skills, such as sports games or building blocks. The symbolic games are from 3 years old, at which time they imagine adventures, cook, take care of babies ... developing language and learning to imitate roles. With construction games such as modeling clay, wooden blocks, or games with paper, they expand their attention span and concentration, as well as their sense of space. While group social games such as Parcheesi, cards ... improve social relationships, acceptance of rules and respect.

8- Do not choose the toy carried by advertising. The whims of the moment do not usually triumph.

9- That it be educational above all.

10- keep it simple. The less action the toy has, the more the child will have to do his part.

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