The discomfort of pregnancy, month by month

The discomfort of pregnancy, month by month

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Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, bloating, tiredness, drowsiness or heartburn are just some of the pregnancy discomfort that women can feel when they get pregnant.

Most of these pregnancy discomforts are fruit of hormonal changes, which is experiencing the body of the pregnant woman, to accommodate the development of her future baby.

Of these discomforts of pregnancy, some are typical of the beginning of pregnancy and others at the end and, in general, they usually present a mild to moderate intensity. In many cases, discomforts are sensations and are rarely recognized as pain.

The first trimester of pregnancy constitutes a fundamental stage of pregnancy because the vital organs of the baby are formed. Although the gut is still not very visible, starting to take care of yourself from the beginning of this important stage of pregnancy is essential for the baby. It is time to abandon bad habits such as tobacco, alcohol or the consumption of medications, and to consult with your doctor all aspects related to your daily routine and your diet.

The vomiting, nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness will disappear and you will enter the best stage of pregnancy which is the second trimester. With the initial discomfort of pregnancy forgotten, the pregnant woman can begin to show her gut and feel the baby's kicks.

It is the most rewarding stage. You will stop feeling the discomfort of the first trimester, you will still feel agile and light, since the great development of the baby that occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy has not yet begun. Your tummy volume is still comfortable for sleeping and exercising.

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