Nativity scene with rolls of paper. Christmas handcrafts

Nativity scene with rolls of paper. Christmas handcrafts

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Do you want to make a homemade and very cheap nativity scene with your children? In We teach you how to make a Nativity scene using rolls of toilet paper.

A very fun recycled homemade craft and, above all, easy to create for children, who can make their own Nativity scene.

  • Colored fabrics
  • gauze
  • Black and yellow wool
  • Scotch tape
  • 3 rolls of paper
  • Marker pen
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pins

1. Cut out some strips of black wool and glue it to the toilet paper roll, pull it forward, and secure it with more tape. It will be the hair and bangs of San José. Also draw some eyes and a mouth.

2. Wrap a piece of cloth around the roller and secure it with pins.

3. Another piece of cloth will be used to make the veil of Saint Joseph.

4. Follow the same process to create the Virgin Mary, but use other fabrics.

5. To make Baby Jesus, cut the roll in half and wrap it in gauze. You already have your home nativity scene!

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