Ten names for babies born at Christmas

Ten names for babies born at Christmas

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Are you in the final stretch of your pregnancy? You still don't know what name to choose for your future son or daughter? From our site we propose these ten name ideas for boys and girls born throughout the holidays.

Traditional names of biblical origin are still very influential. They are short names with a beautiful sound that can help you in such a difficult choice.

1- Noel: It is the French form of Natal which means 'the day of birth'. Its origin closely linked to the Bible is the Hebrew nathan, "gift, gift." Traditionally this name was given to those children born on December 25 coinciding with the birth of Jesus.

2- Maria: Another name closely linked to Christmas is that of Maria. It is one of the most used names in the world. It is a name of Hebrew origin and its meaning is very controversial, most of the voices allude to ‘excelsa’ as the link between the symbolism of this name. It refers to the mother of Jesus.

3- Jesus: ‘Yahveh is Salvation’ is the meaning of this name of Hebrew origin. It is one of the referents of biblical names and also the protagonist of these dates.

4- Bethlehem: a man from hebreo. Its meaning is linked to ‘the house of bread’. It is the protagonist of these Christmas dates since Jesus was born in the portal of Bethlehem.

5- Baltasar: It is a name of Assyrian origin. It means 'God protects the King' and is one of the three Wise Men of the East. Its feminine form is Baltasara.

6- Natalia: ‘Born at Christmas’ is the meaning of this name of Latin origin. Widely used in the West and very typical of these dates.

7- Melchor: name of Hebrew origin whose meaning refers to ‘He who is the king of light’. He is one of the three wise men of the East.

8- Peace: It is a Latin name and means 'the tranquility'. It is less common to use it in isolation, although its compound application is more in use: María Paz or María de la Paz.

9- Gaspar: It is a name of Persian origin. Its meaning refers to the one who "manages the treasure." He is another of the three Wise Men of the East.

10- Noelia: its origin means 'Christmas or Nativity'. Its origin is French and it is very typical for girls who are born in the next Christmas season.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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