Suitable toys for children Asperger

Suitable toys for children Asperger

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Asperger's syndrome is a disorder of neurobiological origin that is included within the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Language, communication and social interaction are the 3 areas most affected in the child with Asperger's. Areas we can stimulate and improve through play offering them those toys that best suit their specific needs.

How each child is unique and different is important know what you like and what you dislike before choosing any type of toy especially if it is a child who is hypersensitive to touch, bright colors or loud sounds.

Asperger's disorder is characterized by:

- Difficulties for social interactions.

- Reduced interest.

- Repetitive or stereotypic behaviors.

- Hypersensitivity (auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory).

- Difficulties in using language for communication purposes (literal understanding of what they hear or read, they do not understand double meanings, metaphors, ironies or jokes)

We highlight toys and activities that they can do with other children to improve their social skills such as board games or role-playing games. Especially important are also construction toys, creative and artistic to stimulate your attention, memory, language. All of them will help improve your self-esteem, motor skills, sociability and creativity.

Toys to stimulate verbal and non-verbal language. Through language, children learn to know their environment, communicate and establish relationships with others. In this section all those question and answer games are especially important and together with those that require some kind of mimicry. In this case, it is board games, games that allow you to acquire knowledge on very different topics and learn to respect the rules of social play and turns, very important during your future.

Toys to enhance social skills. They are all those that allow symbolic play. It is the type of game in which children imitate other real or fictional people or characters. There should be no shortage of kitchens, doctor's briefcases, mechanic's workshops, dollhouses, babies, fruits, vegetables, puppets, ... Essential for highly beneficial symbolic play for learning different social skills and especially empathy, that is, the ability to put oneself in someone else's shoes, a capacity that the child with Asperger's needs to develop and improve.

Cognitive skills enhancing toys. Here we find all those related to the assembly of pieces, puzzles, complex constructions, memory and observation games such as finding pairs or making associations between two pairs of elements.

Toys that develop motor skills such as inserting or stringing through a string of pearls, building blocks with wood and stackable blocks, marble circuits

Toys to stimulate creativity for example those that allow you to create plasticine figures, place stickers or activities to cut and paste, make your own creations such as masks and colored flags ...

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