The trash can. Poem about recycling

The trash can. Poem about recycling

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Learning to recycle should be one more teaching in childhood. Children must learn from a very young age what is the value of recycling and, above all, how they can take care of the environment.

In We show you a poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that helps children understand what they have to do to recycle and thus do their bit in caring for nature.

On the sidewalk of the street

there was a trash can,

who complained to people

for throwing papers out.

First a girl came by

eating a candy,

and when throwing away the wrapping

he loudly honked a horn.

The girl looked scared

and immediately understood,

looking at the trash can

he picked up what he threw away.

An elegant lady

I was eating a cake

although it passed by his side

He threw the paper on the ground.

Seeing the trash

he honked the horn again,

and this time very angry

he yelled out loud, filthy!

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