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Cherry bath pillow - Lidl putty

Cherry bath pillow - Lidl putty

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Actually, everything about a bath pillow can be written by confronting what the manufacturer promises on the packaging with what brings reality. Unfortunately, there is no madness, there is no even a way to confirm assurances, there is disappointment and the question: is that all it takes?

The product can be bought in the Lidl chain stores. The regular price is 7 zlotys. We bought a bath pillow for less than 3 zlotys. Every day we do not use bath "gadgets", but this one encouraged us because of the interesting description on the back:

"Fill the bathtub with warm water, soak the pillow in the water and the adventure begins. During immersion, a wonderful and delicate foam is created, from which "fairy-tale castles" can be created. Thanks to the dye, the water turns into a lovely pink color. Natural extracts contained in the pillow cause that the baby's skin is nurtured already during the bath. When the pillow stops foaming, it serves as a delicate bath towel, which thanks to the nutritional extracts makes the skin soft and pleasant to the touch after bathing. Filling the bathtub with water using the shower head turns the water into a fantastic land of foam. "

These are a few facts:

  • the pillow actually colors the water in a delicate pink color
  • It smells nice (although quite artificial)
  • it creates a very delicate foam
  • However, even if you have a lot of imagination, you won't create any castles with it (foam can be shaped as bubbles, forming one layer)
  • I am also wondering how a towel should be made from a pillow (a small one)? Impossible ... The material from which the cushion was prepared is blunt and not very delicate
  • the pillow has sharp edges, hence touching the child's body seems meaningless, and even unpleasant
  • the product costs 7 zlotys - which seems absolutely inadequate for a miserable foam, pink water color and aroma that may be liked or irritated.

To sum up: I highly recommend it. It is a waste of money and time!

On the other hand, a plus for the copywriter for creating a description ... which encourages to buy, even if ... turns out to be a piece of nonsense after the fact.