Ten resolutions of parents for 2017

Ten resolutions of parents for 2017

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Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Nobody is born knowing how to educate them and normally learning is done through trial and error, so a new year can mean facing a new stage to correct mistakes and seek new purposes to improve our relationship with them.

In Guí we leave you the purposes most desired by parents for 2017.

1- Spend more time with my children playing: This is the most important of parents' purposes especially in big cities. It is important that the time we spend with them is of quality, that is, really dedicated to children. Better to spend half an hour playing than three hours doing the shopping.

2- Shout less and have more patience: Parents complain about the deafness of their children and not by yelling at them more or repeating the same order more, children obey better. Many times the trick is silence, so the little we impose will be more effective than if we constantly give them orders.

3- Listen and talk more with the children: Patience and dialogue should be the basis of teaching and our learning as parents. Let's not repeat the mistakes of our parents and let's learn to dialogue with our children, they will surprise us with their understanding.

4- Be more constant in decisions and teachings: Many of the orders we give our children are fickle, depending on whether we are tired or not. If we say that they collect the room every day, but there is one in which, by not arguing with them, we collect it ourselves, we will be spoiling everything we have achieved in this regard. We must be able to keep our promises and our punishments, so they will learn that they can trust us because we will not cheat and respect our sanctions.

5- Set realistic limits: This purpose is especially important for parents of adolescent children. You must set limits according to their age and be willing to negotiate and compromise a bit. We must act calmly when children get mad at us because they do not want to obey and be reasonable, without “giving lessons so that they learn”.

6- Encourage them and be more positive with their attitudes: A child who is constantly being reminded of his faults, or who is only scolded for his bad actions, has his own mistakes reinforced, in addition to lowering his self-esteem; Whereas if we only listen to their correct attitudes and praise them for their good behavior, the child will probably behave well to get our attention.

7- Prevent television from being the babysitter: There should be a limit to the hours that children should be in front of the screens: computer, television, tablet ... Put a limit and respect it, and leave time for them to discover other more imaginative games.

8- Spend more time with my partner: Once you are a parent, children occupy all space and time. You can rarely be alone with your partner, and it is more difficult to go out to dinner or to the movies without having to see a cartoon. Find one day a month to get away, or at least to have a coffee alone and avoid the conversation about the children.

9- Do not be too protective of our children: It's okay to take care of them but if you don't give them a chance to make mistakes they will never learn. Let them be self-sufficient, mature, and face problems that they could solve on their own. They must find their own tools to get ahead.

10- Relax and enjoy your little things more often: One of the best things about being a father are those little things that surround childhood: seeing him have a snack and smearing chocolate all over his face, painting his hands and face with a marker, seeing them able to even play with the toilet paper roll, develop your imagination, see them smile, pay attention to their crazy ideas. Enjoy it all you can! It will end faster than you think.

Patricia Fernandez. Editor of our site

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