Stimulation My baby kicks!

Stimulation My baby kicks!

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At some point between birth and three months of life of a baby, your little one will begin to move his legs with great agility, kicking or kicking. Without knowing it, he is beginning to strengthen his legs so that he can stay and remain seated, and then walk or take his first steps. Kicking is one of the most recommended exercises for the baby to gain strength and coordination in his legs.

If your baby is not kicking yet, with the help of some exercises and games, you can stimulate him in this regard. Follow some ideas:

- Bath time, changing your baby's clothes or diaper, is a good time to start stimulating him. Get close to him until his feet touch your stomach. The contact of the baby's foot with your skin will make him wave his legs and hit them towards your belly, with alternating movements.

- The baby will feel the need to extend and flex his legs several times, just by gently squeezing the bottom of his toes with a finger.

- A good massage is also very stimulating for the baby to start kicking. By gently stroking the sole of his foot and the creases of his toes, you will make the baby shrink and stretch his own legs.

It is with the kick that the baby begins the motor development of its legs. Strong and coordinated legs will make the baby grow healthy, and gain strength to soon be able to sit or take their first steps.

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