A happy child is mischievous, restless, curious and ... noisy!

A happy child is mischievous, restless, curious and ... noisy!

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One of the main objectives that parents have is to raise our children happy, we often do not care if they are not the smartest in the class, if they do not play soccer well or if they are not the most handsome. What difference does it make if they grow up happy!

And it is that not always the smartest children, with special abilities or especially handsome are the happiest, nor are the ones who behave the best, the calmest or the quietest. Sometimes it is those who seem more unruly, restless, or even annoying to adults. And this has a logical explanation.

Once a nursery school principal told me that she would rather a naughty and noisy child than one sitting in her corner looking at others. The first participates, plays, makes mistakes and learns, is happy. Not the other.

Children are mischievous, restless, curious, have tantrums, yell, disobey, and have a bad temper. Children run, jump, squeal and laugh out loud. They are children! They are in the process of learning, they are discovering the world, feeling their reference adults, measuring their strength.

It is true that it is our job to teach them to behave, to maintain their composure, to have good manners, to acquire strategies for good behavior. That is beyond all doubt. However, let's give them time, we are teaching them and they are learning.

And it is that, child phobia is taking over a good part of society that pretends that babies do not cry on airplanesChildren sit in a restaurant for two hours without raising their voices or walk down the street like robots instead of skipping around.

What if we put down all that fussiness, screaming, tantrums and mischief from children? What if they could never, under any circumstances, get out of line? If they couldn't be children? They would simply not grow up happy, they would not be joyful, we would take away the ability to

- experiment with their environment and the people around them.

- develop skills such as autonomy, communication, logic, temperance ...

- Stimulate their emotional intelligence: they would not be working on the five basic emotions, which are fear, anger, joy, sadness and disgust, in order to control and dominate them.

- even their moments of temper and tantrums promote the ability to argue, memory, the ability to give answers to complicated situations.

Therefore, if at any time you see a child who is being noisy, do not look bad at his parents, do not berate him, be a little more tolerant ... he is being happy!

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