A playing drum for a child

A playing drum for a child

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If we are not annoyed by the drumming for several minutes, simple melodies and intense blinking, this drum may be an interesting proposition for a child of one and a half years old. The bobbin case has several "sound and music extraction" option and colorful lights.

Launching the toy is very simple (the toy can be turned on or off). Just tap your hand on the surface of the bobbin case to hear African sounds and for the bobbin case to shine effectively.

By using two buttons you can choose 6 melodies or choose drum music: 3 voices. Additionally, you can spin the drum around, which happily changes its position and brings additional noises, including a child's laughter.

The toy can also be turned off and then the toddler can hit it "in silence".

What is our opinion? A big plus for high product durability and saving on battery usage. Minus for quite annoying sounds, however, it is difficult to imagine even approaching the ideal. The price seems too high: over PLN 100 for this type of toy is above the norm. It could be at least a little cheaper, within a maximum of PLN 70.

Plus for the weight: about 500 grams, which allows you to take the toy for a walk, on a trip, wherever we want and listen to its sounds outside the home ...;)

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