Fear in children 7 to 8 years

Fear in children 7 to 8 years

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Children know fear from the earliest childhood, this being an emotion that allows them to protect themselves from dangers. Fear is a normal and necessary defense mechanism in children that makes them behave in a more protected way.

Generally, fear appears because children learn to fear something or a situation after an unpleasant experience.

Fears in childhood change with age. As children grow, one type of fear may continue, disappear, or be replaced by another. At this stage the fears begin to be less imaginary (although we can still find some) and more based on reality. When children are between 7 and 8 years old, we can continue to encounter these types of fears:

- Fear of the dark (nyctophy). Fear of the dark is one of the most suffered by children between 2 and 8 years of age. Nyctophobia can appear after an image seen in a story, a movie, etc. In addition, an experience during the day or imagination can be the engines for this fear to appear.

Many times this fear is not of the dark itself, but of the risks that children imagine there may be when there is twilight

- Fear of animals. It is a fear that begins to develop at the age of 2 years, and can last as a phobia until maturity and, therefore, we can find it in this age group. This type of fear is evolutionary, that is, we have it innately and, therefore, it makes children perceive animals as a threat.

In addition, the fear of animals can arise sometimes due to bad experiences, and in other circumstances because the adults around the child transmit this fear. It can be triggered even before the animal is present, when it anticipates that it is going to meet it, and thus avoid the encounter or flee from it.

- Fear of supernatural beings. This fear appears in the stage of 3-4 years and lasts until adolescence. The fear of the supernatural is related to darkness, where it acquires greater strength.

This darkness causes insecurity by not seeing anything around and noises and imagination can make the child believe that there are many “supernatural” threats around. In addition, this fear can appear because of threats from adults to control children's behavior. Tell them the "coconut" is coming, for example. In addition to these fears that persist, at this stage appear:

- The fear of being ridiculous due to the absence of school, social or sports skills. At this stage it is common to see children who do not want to participate in collective games such as sports or competitions because a belief appears in them that they are not up to the task, or not being able to do as well as the rest.

When these situations occur, negative thoughts appear in children that make the little one paralyze and look weak and unable to do.

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