5 signs that our son is lying

5 signs that our son is lying

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Yes OK sincerity is an essential value that every father and mother wishes to transmit and instill in their children, we know that at some point or another children will end up lying, just as we adults do, whether we like it or not.

Adults lie to get out of trouble, avoid situations or tasks that we do not want to do or say white lies to look good with someone around us. And the children, why do they lie?

Children lie for more or less the same reasons, although their first lies are exploratory and part of a game later they learn to lie to avoid punishment, a scolding or avoiding responsibilities appropriate to their age.

Even knowing that lies are part of human communication, no one likes to be lied to and, as parents, it can be frustrating and irritating to know that our child does not tell us the truth. There are times when we quickly catch the lies because of how crazy and bizarre they can be, but it is not always that easy to know if what our son says is true or not.

The first lie of our son can catch us by surprise because we do not expect that an innocent being as a child of 3 or 4 years old will lie to us, but lies at these ages are easy to discover. It is later, when children are getting older that they improve their way of communicating and therefore lying. Still, and although there is no manual for parents to help us discover the lies of our children, we can be attentive some signs that will tell us if our child is lying or not.

These are 5 signs that our son is lying. When in doubt about whether what your child is telling you is true or a lie pay attention to their non-verbal language and tone of voice, since it is common that when a child lies:

1. Laughs.

2. You are nervous.

3. It turns red.

4. Your tone of voice changes.

5. Avoid the gaze.

Non-verbal language is very important since it communicates as much as the words themselves, be attentive to gestures, looks and tone of voice It can help us discover a lie or a half-truth.

Of all the options to discover if our child lies to us or not, the best will always be give you the opportunity to tell us the truth about what happened. For this we must be able to create a climate of trust and security so that they do not fear for possible reprimands for having lied to us. Remember that parents must be a good example, avoid lying or deceiving them, showing every day how important it is to be honest and sincere.

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