The worries that keep a mother awake

The worries that keep a mother awake

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I have heard my mother say many times: 'When you have children you will never sleep the same again!' He said that phrase to me when I was little and sick, he would repeat it if as a teenager I returned home late, and also when I was young and traveled for several days or months. It is a phrase that I did not give much importance to until I was a mother, then I understood it.

How right my mother was, since I had my first child my dream has never been the same. I must have developed a permanent alarm system and even though I am asleep, I wake up at the first cough, when I hear a few footsteps in the corridor or simply to cover them on very cold nights. Sleep straight? That went down in history. That has led me to wonder what keeps a mother from sleeping throughout the lives of her children:

- Baby's first three months. No matter how much they tell you, you have to live it, that napping every three hours because the newborn baby cannot go many hours without eating is ... torture! There comes a time when dark circles are part of you, like moles or freckles.

- If the children are sick. Be it a cold, flu, asthma attack or gastroenteritis. The night is that time when coughs, fever, diarrhea or respiratory problems seem to show more virulence or perhaps it is just a perception. Yet in some strange way, the children are like roses the next morning and we are like raisins.

- The first nights away from home. If the child goes to a summer camp, a study trip or a friend's house, you wonder if he will be okay, because, of course, nobody does things or take care of him like you ... right?

- School themes. If the child is not having good academic results, if a classmate constantly bothers him or if his friends ignore him. And it is that, knowing that a child is suffering, there is no one who will close the eye.

I am a mother of small children, I suppose I have a long way of sleepless nights, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, there are still a few years left until one day they tell me: 'Mom, I want to go out there tonight with my friends'.

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