Ozzy, a nice adventure movie for children

Ozzy, a nice adventure movie for children

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The protagonist of this story is Ozzy, a nice beagle puppy that he will have to face terrible news: his owners cannot take him on a trip with them. So they look for a dog shelter, where Ozzy will have to face a series of frenetic adventures and dangers that fuel his survival instinct.

Ozzy It is an animated film but also a story that fully deals with the issue of overprotection in childhood. It is in turn a story full of messages that have to do with values ​​such as companionship, effort, perseverance, overcoming frustration.

Ozzy datasheet:

Qualification: 'Ozzy'

Anus: 2016

Country: Spain and Canada

Director: Nacho La Casa and Alberto Rodríguez

Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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