Is your child afraid? Help him overcome them

Is your child afraid? Help him overcome them

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Who has never been afraid? This unpleasant sensation when a real or unreal danger is perceived is also experienced by children, among the three and six years. As they experience new sensations and things, some will seem stimulating but there will be others that will surely awaken endless fears in them. There is no better weapon against childhood fear than trust, support and parental safety; Only with your help can children overcome their fears.

Over time, fears tend to disappear or are replaced by other types of fears. In this case, it is important to distinguish between positive fears, those that alert the child to their surroundings and can prevent accidents (fear when going down or up the ladder, looking out the window, etc.) and harmful anxieties, which prevent the child from child coping with specific everyday situations (fear of monsters, the dark, animals, etc.)

Fears in children are also awakened through certain movies, stories, and experiences that are not very pleasant for them.

When feeling fear, children can react with crying, nervousness, tachycardia, anxiety, and even more serious problems such as lack of sleep, language and behavior problems, withdrawal and shyness. Fears are also learned by children, mainly from parents who overprotect them. Children learn by experience. If they fall or have an accident, the feeling of pain is etched in their mind, and they will be more careful next time.

The first fears of a child tend to be, in many cases, the separation from a loved one, when they have to stay in daycare or school. This can be called fear of the unknown, of not having mom and dad by your side. Then may come the fear of the dark, of being alone, of imaginable monsters and ghosts, of possible nightmares. They are fears that can appear at any time and disappear when we least imagine it.

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