The values ​​that Mafalda teaches children

The values ​​that Mafalda teaches children

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Sweet, sensible and thoughtful. But also rebellious and nonconformist. Fighter, generous and friend of her friends. But since she's human, she also has a flaw ... she hates soup! However, he eats it, reluctantly, because despite his nonconformity, he obeys his parents. We are talking about Mafalda, a girl who has a birthday without losing freshness and of course, without ceasing to be a girl.

Mafalda teaches us values. It reminds us of everything we don't want to remember. It opens our eyes (and our minds). It makes us think with a single word. A gesture. A silence Mafalda, who is now 50 years old, continues to be for everyone the wisest girl on the planet.

Mafalda is an Argentine girl of about eight or nine years old. Created by the cartoonist Quino. Curious, expressive, dreamy and with very solid ideas. Pursue Peace. What's more, he hates violence, wars and fights. Mafalda likes to mediate, reason, and dialogue. But if he sees an injustice, he rebels, gets up, and rage lights his cheeks.

Mafalda does not shut up. He does not bite his tongue. Ask cheekily. Respond cheekily. Look for answers. If he cannot find them, he is saddened. The hardest questions you ask yourself, to which you hardly ever find answers, always have to do with your heart.

All these values ​​serve both young and old. They do not understand age or sex. They are universal. Mafalda is without knowing it, a great philosopher of life. It deals with topics such as Love, Peace, injustices, the future, old age, family, children, school, friends ...

Mafalda surrounds himself with friends who help him think (Miguelito, Guille, Susanita, Manolito, Felipe ...). And it is that we often do not realize that children offer us great answers to complicated questions. Because only they are capable of seeing everything without prejudice, without learned roles. They are the only ones capable of focusing on something without getting lost in countless unimportant details.

Mafalda, therefore, she is a fantastic teacher of values ​​for children. As current now as then. Pizpireta, warrior, persevering and lover of challenges. And above all someone who makes us laugh, dream and think.

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