Discover your baby's artistic talent

Discover your baby's artistic talent

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I have noticed how my girl plays, talks to herself, gets into the characters and creates mini dramas. This can tell me that you like acting. She has given me this clue, which ones has yours given you? Would you like to discover his talent to help him develop it? Observe it carefully. He may be giving you the answer by playing or practicing what you like the most.

What parents generally do is take them to the class that we would have liked to do in childhood. But it is likely that our child has different artistic skills. So it will be important to link them with art by enjoying exhibitions, works, concerts, etc., to see what they enjoy the most. Here we will give you some recommendations so that you can identify theirtalents. What is certain is that exploring those talents and helping them identify what they like benefits their self-esteem.

Music: All children can receive music classes, it is a great encouragement at an early age but there are children who have a talent for it. The rhythm, the tone, the harmony and the melody are variables to identify it. Recognizing a low tone from a high tone, performing rhythmic percussion by repeating patterns, memorizing and remembering melodies and harmonies, and recognizing the differences in timbres when differentiating instruments are characteristics of children who are musically talented. The best age to learn is from 3 to 10 years old.

Dance: If you see that your child tries to keep up with his body, he is interested in learning steps, you can bring him to dance classes. Fill your house with music, try to discover which genre he likes to dance the most and choose precisely the one that interests him the most if you are going to enroll him in classes, because if your dream was to be a ballet dancer, your girl may be more interested modern dance and by forcing her to take the course she does not want may lose her interest.

Performance: If you see that he takes the reins of the game, that he loves to play roles and interpret, if he is very expressive with his body and with the gestures of his face, your little one may be showing that his will be the theater, the small screen or cinema. Take him to the theater and try to get him to take acting classes. It will help you with your body and verbal expression and memory.

Painting, drawings and sculpture: It is something that children generally enjoy but perhaps yours will enjoy it more. Take it to the museum to appreciate works of art. The teachers at the school or nursery will also tell you how their ability to draw pictures is progressing. With regard to sculpture, it will also help a lot to keep plasticine, the children love it. You can enroll him in artistic initiation or painting classes to enhance this talent.

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