The doula: emotional support for pregnant women

The doula: emotional support for pregnant women

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The first time I heard about the work of doulas was about eight years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I consulted a page in English to find out mainly about thepostpartum That great unknown! There it was said that there were some women who were dedicated to accompanying you and helping you at this time and I thought that this profession in Spain would not have as much relevance as in the US since here we are usually closer to family, and to the advice and help of the grandmother.

When interviewed Nuria Otero, who is also a mother and a teacher and one of the pioneering doula in our country, I wanted to be more interested in the subject. Thanks to this report, the role of doulas became clearer to me by allowing me to know their trade and their scope of action.

The doula is a woman, also a mother, who accompanies the entire process of conceiving another woman: during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum (or in situations difficult to overcome such as the loss of the baby she was expecting). His job is to accompany thefuture mom to provide support, especially emotional, so that you do not feel alone, giving you information, but without advising or judging. They simply support women's decision-making.

Emotional changes throughout the motherhood process are a constant, so the doula is the best person to cover the need to understand the emotions we are experiencing and feel the support in an impartial way.

According to some data collected in a study, the work of doulas translates into important advantages and improvements in the development of labor and during the postpartum period: reduction of caesarean sections, shorter labor time, reduction of deliveries with analgesia or epidural, reduction of anxiety orPostpartum depression, increased confidence and satisfaction and a better establishment of lactation. Although we currently have a lot of theoretical information circulating, none is adapted to our concrete experience. It seems that there are few things that depend on ourselves, it is difficult that fears do not assail us, since our vision of motherhood is quite superficial and it all boils down to proper healthcare.

Childbirth and postpartum These are very important moments for a woman and Nuria tells us that just when the woman has the baby in her arms, it is when her protagonism plummets. Women cannot afford not to be well, not to feel comfortable, to be able to complain. The only thing that seems to matter when giving birth is the babyAnd yet the newborn can feel quite helpless, although usually she puts on a breastplate so that her true feelings do not emerge in her. The doula is a great ally in these confusing times.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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