If you respect your father your son will respect you

If you respect your father your son will respect you

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The example of parents is the best book, manual, the 'Bible' for a good education of children. All the attitudes and reactions that we manifest towards good and bad, all the ways in which we treat friends, family and other people, will be in some way, imitated and inherited by our children. If you love and respect your father, your son will love you too.

Respect is learned by example and in the family. Being parents is not such an easy task because no one is perfect and children do not come into the world with a user manual under their arm. But I think it is vitally important that respect is valued and put into practice within the family. Without realizing it, children 'absorb' all of our behavior. How many times do we see each other in them!

Values ​​such as respect, patience, tolerance ... are essential in father-son relationships. Some time ago, I received a video in my email that made me think a lot about that. With this video that I share with you, you will realize how important it is to take care, be aware and grateful for having people, like your father, who have sacrificed for your well-being.

You ask yourself: Do I dedicate myself enough to my father? Do I treat him with the respect he deserves? Do I care about him? Especially on this Father's Day, I would like to share this video with you so that you can reflect on parenthood, on children, on family relationships, and realize that they are really what we carry for the rest of our lives. Let us set an example for our children so that tomorrow they can do the same with their children and with us.

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Video: Respect Your Parents - Powerful Reminder (May 2022).