Equine therapy or Hippotherapy for children

By definition Equine therapy is a alternative treatment based on the movements of the horse to stimulate healthy people or children or people and children with special needs or disabled. Multiple benefits have been found in the use of the horse, especially because it transmits its body heat, its heart rate and its gait through impulses that pass through the child's pelvic belt, crossing his spine and reaching his head.

- Physical benefits: strengthens children's motor skills, their muscles and their joints by improving or rehabilitating mobility and balance. Also the sense organs such as hearing, touch and sight are highly stimulated.

- Psychological benefits: horse riding and equine therapy improve self-esteem and concentration. This practice allows the child the proper management of their aggressive emotions and impulses. The child improves his adaptation, responsibility and self-confidence. Verbal and non-verbal communication are stimulated and improved and it is a good alternative for children with language problems.

Recommended for everyone neurological and orthopedic disorders that affect the locomotor system slightly or severely.

Some of the conditions in which it can be recommended are:

- autism

- multiple sclerosis

- cerebral palsy

- psychomotor retardation

- Down's Syndrome

- chronic bronchial syndrome

- disabilities such as blindness, deafness and muteness.

It is also recommended in children with psychological, psychosomatic or psychiatric pathologies.

In healthy children it is also widely used as stimulation, it is said that accompanied by professionals and in a very specialized center, babies from 6 months can be taken to Equine therapy.

Whether you have a healthy child to stimulate or a child with special needs, you should ask your pediatrician if they allow you to practice this therapy on your child. If so, you must advise yourself well and find an ideal place for its realization and with a lot of experience in children.

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Video: Alternative Equine Therapy Helping Autistic Children. Mugur Pop. TEDxCambridgeSchoolofBucharest (January 2022).