Why Moms Gain Weight And Don't Lose It

Why Moms Gain Weight And Don't Lose It

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The scale never lies, after the birth of our babies many of us find it very difficult to regain the figure we had before pregnancy. As a mom I can tell you that many things influence, but I am going to tell you about my case. I remember very well that before my pregnancy I had a slimmer figure, although I have never been skinny, I was relatively thin. I hypothesize that not only is there a big change in the body, but our eating habits also change. I share it to know if the same thing happened to others.

- Pregnancy: When they told me that I was pregnant, I began to indulge myself with those cravings, nor to eat for two, but it no longer seemed so much a sin to eat dessert every day, eat the occasional flour after 5, among other tastes that I did not before gave me. Despite the discomfort, certain foods made me irresistible, it is as if my taste had developed more. I still felt that I had to compensate because I had to give up dark drinks, seafood and glasses of wine, I also felt very tired, I needed energy.

- Quarantine or puerperium: The girl arrived, what a wonder! … OMG! how much I ate, so the body asked me a lot, especially liquid, I felt very thirsty and of course, I also felt very hungry. During the quarantine, my family gave me everything that had a lot of iron like meat, liver, etc. The first few days I became very skinny, my hair fell out and my nails broke. I never stopped vitamins. So I didn't do any kind of diet. On the contrary, I was trying to feed myself better and without as many restrictions as in pregnancy. There I gained several kilos, but until the year, I did not feel able to diet because I was breastfeeding. And I noticed a lot.

- After breastfeeding: It was a different period, I already wanted to feel the same again and I wanted to recover a little that previous beauty. When I stopped breastfeeding, I tried to reduce but could not. I only lost a little but I was never at the weight of when I started motherhood.

- When the child already eats: When my daughter was more than a year old we went out as a family to the shopping centers and she began little by little to eat ice cream, desserts, cupcakes and I began to discover that a mother finds it impossible for a freshly bought ice cream, after an immense row, only tested by your baby, be thrown away. Where do the leftovers of that ice cream that I ate little before becoming a mother always end up? Without shame I admit that I have always eaten my daughter's leftovers, obviously delicious things such as desserts, ice creams and cakes from children's parties and the worst, after having eaten my portion. And so the other new pounds began to arrive.

- When he becomes a schoolboy: I remember that when it was just my husband and I, the cupboard had the basics and the truth was we had healthy habits, now it has everything a child needs for school and their weekend and when I get a little fatigue it is difficult to go to whole wheat bread having those delights looking into my eyes.

So my theory is that moms who don't lose weight again after pregnancy can't just blame changes in the body during and after that stage, because I think our habits change too. But I do not blame myself, I have enjoyed every moment of that shared ice cream, the repeated cake, the big combo in the cinema, because they have been companions of the moments lived with that being who came into my life to teach me that I could enjoy again as a girl.

Now, as I want to last him a long time, I am already being more aware of what I put in my mouth and also because I want him to always tell me that he has the most beautiful mommy of all. This is my experience, tell us yours. Did something similar happen to you?

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