How to make homemade vanilla and cinnamon perfume with children

If you like crafts, we propose a very simple one that your child will surely love ... would you like learn to make homemade perfume? You don't need many things, although you do need patience, so it can also help you practice the value of patience with your children.

In this case, we teach you to do a vanilla and cinnamon perfume. Write down everything you need and ... let's get to work!

  • 70ºC alcohol
  • Vegetable oil. The best is almond oil.
  • 2 vanilla beans
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Knife or scissors

1. Cut the vanilla beans into small pieces. Do not forget to make a cross section in each of the pieces.

2. Now put the pieces of vanilla in a glass jar and add the cinnamon in small pieces.

3. Cover the vanilla and cinnamon with rubbing alcohol.

4. You have to let this mixture marinate for two weeks, in a dark and dry place. Then you open the bottle and add a teaspoon of almond oil and two tablespoons of water. Let it marinate for another week ... and that's it! You already have your homemade vanilla and cinnamon perfume.

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