Sexual desire in pregnancy

Sexual desire in pregnancy

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Sexual desire in pregnancy undergoes numerous ups and downs due to the great hormonal changes experienced by women. There are no two exact pregnancies, much less two equal women, but in general terms, experts speak of an increase in sexual desire in most women. Feeling more sensual, calmer and more united with their partners also causes an improvement in the quality of their sexual relations in many pregnant women.

During the first trimester of pregnancy many couples feel liberated after long periods in which sexual relations were more focused on pregnancy than enjoyment. Therefore, without worrying about it, this is a stage in which many women relax and enjoy their sexual relations more.

The physical changes in the woman's body, such as increased vaginal secretions and increased blood supply, also greatly help the pregnant woman to lubricate better, feel more sexual desire and achieve more and better orgasms.

The second quarter It is, according to experts, a time of renewed energy for pregnant women. Once the possible initial discomforts of pregnancy are overcome, it is very likely that an increased sexual desire will arise. Of course, there are also women who, far from enjoying this time sexually, feel too fatigued or inappetent to give free rein to their sexuality. Hormonal changes can affect you in different ways.

In any case, most pregnant women end up experiencing a decrease in their sexual desire during the third trimester, in part due to his weight gain and the discomfort of this final phase.

In one way or another, specialists agree that having a good sexual activity during pregnancy is beneficial for the couple and also for the fetus.

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