Finger painting or finger painting

Finger painting or finger painting

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From an early age you can entertain and stimulate the creativity and coordination of children with the finger paint or finger paint. Usually from 6 to 24 months, babies are ready to enjoy this delicious activity. It is important that they always have the guidance and supervision of their parents or another adult.

With finger painting babies can take their first steps into the art world. In addition, it will help them prevent finger licking or that they take everything they find to their mouths. Finger painting will entertain them and enhance their tactile sensitivity, their fantasy, and will develop their coordination as well as their creative ability.

Hand painting is a fun and challenging activity for children. But the question that many parents ask is: When can my child start painting with his hands? Children can start painting from the first year of life or when they are no longer putting everything in their mouths. Everything is based on the capacity of each child. We gather the material and invite you to paint, but it is important that we do not force or force you to do so.

Although some parents shy away from any type of activity that can stain or dirty their children, it is important for them to know that getting dirty or stained is also advisable in the development of children. For them, a simple contact with paint and its colors is an experience that will add a lot to their creativity.

Hand painting brings many benefits to children. tells you some:

1- Amuse and entertain the children

2- Wake up your artistic expression, your creativity and imagination

3- Boost your self-esteem

4- Stimulates motor coordination and fine motor skills of hands and fingers

5- Motivates their spatial reasoning

6- It increases your tactile sensations and facilitates your knowledge of different colors and textures.

To start finger and hand painting with kids, you just need to gather a few pots of hand paint, paper, or cardboard, and put everything on a workbench or on the floor. Where children are more comfortable. It is important that the paint is natural and non-toxic, and that it has a texture that allows children to paint easily. Apart from all that, it is necessary to have a damp cloth to clean your fingers when you have to change color.

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