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Parents fight using Facebook

Parents fight using Facebook

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Facebook's popular website serves several purposes. It builds its popularity on many levels. What a certain American father decided to do has aroused the interest of the whole world. The father, who lives with his son in the state of Wisconsin in the United States, decided to fight the son's violence and persecutors ... on Facebook. 900,000 people quickly made his appeal.

Stop violence

The American dad, who each day faced signals of violence from his son and with the ineffectiveness of the police decided to share his reflections.

A few-year-old father wrote: "If you fight with my son, you also fight with me. I stand right next to my son in the fight against bullying. I want to say loud and clear that I do not agree with what is happening. Bullying is not okay! And turning a blind eye to them in school districts that protect bullies is even worse! Shame!"

Global problem

The appeal of American father Matthew Bent met with great response. The parent who protects his son in an unusual way has received hundreds of emails, comments and words of support from around the world, where parents also face the problem of violence and the intimidation of their children.

The whole story began when, on March 25, sixth-grade student Shiloh was hit three times by a class tyrant and pushed in such a way that he fell to the ground. A classmate tore a chain off the boy's neck - a valuable family gift and souvenir at the same time - and as if nothing had ever left.

The father and son informed the police, but the uniform was to wring his hands and say that the boy provoked the aggressor himself, entering his "area", "violating his area." In an official later speech, however, the police did not confirm the words of his father, he indicated that he was fighting crime and they are doing everything to suppress aggression at school in the bud.

Facebook frustration

Matthew, father of Shiloh, decided to express his frustration on Facebook. He posted a photo that you can see next to show that his son is not alone, even if police or school administration don't have the courage to fight. Frankly, in simple words he wrote that he is proud of his son and will do everything to increase the safety of his child.

What about Shiloh? First, he met with signs of misunderstanding on the part of his peers, but with time, when his father's appeal began to gain more and more votes of support, also the children at school noticed the sense in it.

The school authorities also pointed out the problem, emphasizing that it is necessary to improve communication between parents and school authorities so that no one feels that the interests of bullies are protected and victims do not receive proper support.

Matthew urges parents and their children not to be afraid to talk about persecution, so that any aggression can be fought in the bud. He is confident of his, because his appeal on Facebook has been successful and caused a turmoil in many environments outraged by the lack of appropriate response from the school and the police. The frustrated father's appeal was noticed, appreciated and made the whole local community stronger.

Do you think this is a good way to fight aggression among children and young people?


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