Autumn recipes to make with children

Autumn recipes to make with children

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The arrival of autumn It gives us new foods and the opportunity to meet new flavors with children. The feeding in autumn it must provide enough energy for its defenses to be strengthened and renewed.

It is advisable that we know the seasonal foods that can offer us a greater amount of nutrients that will give us better health, and that will protect us from colds, flus andcolds that usually occur at this time of year.

The foods typical of each season can become a more varied and nutritious diet, with a more prominent flavor. The fruits and vegetables fall and winter, they contain more vitamin C, and other vitamins.

In addition, with the arrival of autumn, we return to rescue a large number of vegetables:mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, cauliflower, squash, zucchini, and eggplants, they are the protagonists of autumn. Mushrooms can be eaten alone, sautéed, with garlic, grilled, boiled, steamed or mixed in scrambled eggs.

Mushroom risotto recipe. With the mushroom risotto, you will have a traditional Italian recipe for your children, very simple and that they will love. A different way to enjoy rice.

Pasta with mushrooms and champignons. Follow our recipe for pasta with mushrooms and mushrooms. Pasta is a very important food in children's diet, and they like it better if it is accompanied by a sauce. our site has developed a quick and easy recipe, as well as healthy. Pasta is one of the favorite foods of children.

Mushroom cream. Cream of mushrooms recipe. A simple recipe with a mild flavor, perfect for children's dinner due to its lightness. Easy recipe for cream of mushrooms and mushrooms for children. How to make mushroom cream for children's food.

Pumpkin Risotto. Pumpkin risotto recipe. Pumpkins, in addition to being one of the symbols of Halloween, can also be used to make very complete and healthy children's recipes, like this pumpkin and ham risotto.

Creamy risotto with nuts. Juicy dried fruit risotto recipe, step by step. our site offers us a recipe to enjoy Italian cuisine. Easy risotto recipe with nuts for children. Simple rice recipes.

Recipes with leeks. The leek in the kitchen for children. Our site has selected some rich and healthy recipes with leeks or garlic joint, so that you can prepare them with for your children, at home.

Pumpkin recipes. Pumpkin recipe suggestions for children. On our site we propose different ideas to prepare dishes for children with pumpkin. First courses, purees, sweets or desserts made from pumpkin.

Roasted apples in the microwave. On our site we are going to teach you how to make roasted apples, although instead of baking them, we are going to cook them in the microwave easily and very quickly. A perfect recipe for children's snack.

Apple pancakes recipe. Apple pancake. An easy, fast and very exquisite recipe both for breakfast and for children's snacks. our site offers us this recipe, step by step.

Apple pie or apple pie. How to make, step by step, an apple pie or apple pie. our site offers us an American recipe to celebrate children's birthday parties, thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) or any other family party. An easy, simple and very quick recipe to make.

Artichoke recipes with ham. This recipe is ideal for working parents who have little time to prepare their children's lunch and dinner. This recipe is a good alternative for children who are overweight or have constipation problems, as it contains a lot of fiber.

Baked cauliflower with bechamel. A rich and delicious recipe, suitable for children and adults with overweight. Traditional recipes reflect the wisdom of grandmothers, as with this cauliflower with baked bechamel, a healthy and delicious dish for children. A different way to prepare a cauliflower dish for children.

Zucchini stuffed with meat and rice. Easy recipe for zucchini stuffed with minced meat and rice. A light, simple and inexpensive recipe, both for children's lunch or dinner. our site shows us how to prepare it, step by step.

Pumpkin pancakes recipe. Pancakes are, in general, the dessert or the favorite snack of children. On this occasion, we have prepared some pumpkin pancakes, a very easy and highly healthy recipe for the little ones in the house. our site offers you the recipe for pumpkin pancakes.

Roasted apples in the traditional style. Recipe for roasted apples in the traditional style. our site proposes you the preparation of grandmothers' desserts, such as these apples baked in the traditional style, they are often the favorites of children. A homemade recipe, easy and simple to prepare.

Recipe for Buñuelos de viento. Buñuelos de viento are a classic in Spanish pastries, typical of the celebration of All Saints' Day. And there is no doubt that the best donuts are the ones that our grandmothers prepare. our site teaches you step by step how to prepare delicious donuts for children.

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