Scientists say that the man will not need the woman to have a baby

Scientists say that the man will not need the woman to have a baby

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It looks like science fiction. It's amazing. Even creepy. And many, obviously, have their doubts ...

It seems that a group of scientists have been determined to demonstrate that life can be created without eggs. Single with sperm and tissue. For example, skin cells. How is it possible?

A group of scientists from the University of Bath (UK), have been determined to demonstrate the following: you can create life using sperm and without using an egg. How have they done it? Instead of eggs, used cells from tissues such as skin.

His research began by experimenting with an unfertilized egg. They used various chemicals to turn the egg into 'pseudo embryos'. That's where they realized that these 'pseudo embryos' were similar to many ordinary cells in the human body. Each of these 'pseudo-embryos' could divide and handle DNA. And they do it like that.

The next step in this experiment was to use these egg-less 'pseudo-embryos' to create life. They did it with rats. They did manage to get a few healthy rats to be born, without problems and with a normal life. In fact, these youngsters grew up and had offspring without any problems.

So seeing this result, and since the 'pseudo-embryos' used are similar to many cells in human tissue, they claim that in the future it would be perfectly viable for humans, for both men and women.

Tom Perry, Director of this research, you are excited about your discovery. In fact, he assures that it could also be very useful to preserve the life of endangered animals. Once again, scientists are trying to defy the laws of nature.

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