The baby who was saved by a hug

The baby who was saved by a hug

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Those most affected in the midst of the immigrant drama are children. A baby of only 4 months and her rescuer are the protagonists of the story of the day in the media and social networks. A story, which fortunately has a happy ending.

Miguel Blanco, one of the members of the Maritime Rescue team, was part of the operation to rescue people from two small boats that were adrift on the Cadiz coast in Spain, in which 16 people of sub-Saharan origin were traveling who were trying to reach Rate in Cádiz.

One of the people who was on board the small boats was this baby whose mother no longer had the strength to hold. Only by carrying her in his arms Miguel knew that the girl was hypothermic. After rescuers wrapped her in dry clothing, Blanco's instinct made him hold her for two hours to warm her. Another crew member of the boat took the photograph of the moment that in a few hours went around the world.

The gesture of this rescuer allowed the baby to reach the coast with a higher temperature, preventing her health from worsening. The efforts of the Spanish rescue teams are today applauded

A breathtaking moment that speaks to us about the solidarity that children awaken, who are the most defenseless beings and those who most suffer the consequences of the social situations that are experienced today in the world.

Viviana Marín. Editor of our site

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