Confusion and clumsiness during pregnancy

Confusion and clumsiness during pregnancy

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Today I had the intention of focusing the blog on another topic, but in my month of pregnancy I have no choice but to address the topic of clumsiness and clumsiness during pregnancy. And it is that, just a little while ago, I prepared a cocoa with milk and when I tried to store the cocoa in the cupboard, the boat flew through the air with such bad luck that it was opened and cocoa began to rain in the kitchen. A disaster!

This is not an isolated event, a week ago I put the toaster in the fridge and put the sliced ​​bread in the cupboard. And, my last blunder, a bit more serious than the previous ones, was putting gasoline in a diesel car. They are pregnant mistakes, there is no escape, no matter how much attention you want to pay, it is as if the neurons were on vacation or your hands were not capable of being so skillful as in other moments of life.

Do not worry, it is another of the symptoms of pregnancy, distractions and clumsiness will accompany us throughout the gestation. This lack of concentration, mainly due to hormonal factors, leads us to make mistakes and can increase in the last months of pregnancy, when fatigue and tiredness also make an appearance. Regarding clumsiness, there is an evident loss of motor ability due to the relaxation of the joints.

Both factors are believed to be associated with the hormonal changes of pregnancy.. Different studies also ensure that brain size can be reduced by up to 7% during pregnancy. Experts do not agree on why this phenomenon occurs but it points, on the one hand, to the different structural modifications that occur in gestation and, on the other, to the fact that new connections between neurons are being organized at this stage.

This does not mean that you lose neurons or that you are less intelligent, but it can lead to a slight state of confusion. Do not worry, it is not irreversible, about six months after delivery the brain returns to its normal size.

Other causes for distractions is that women's focus shiftsIt seems that all his interest has a new goal, which is the future baby. In any case, not everything is clumsy, there are certain aspects that improve:

- the oxytocin released in pregnancy improves learning, reduces stress levels and improves memory.

- prolactin helps women to gain courage.

- the brain prepares for the situation to come favoring multi-tasking capacity, It is training to take care of the baby efficiently and to be able to take care of everything else without the care of the baby suffering.

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