Party revealing the sex of the child

Party revealing the sex of the child

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Overseas, every reason to celebrate is good. All the more so when the family model changes. Fewer and fewer children are born, and the very experience of pregnancy and the first years of motherhood focuses much more attention on itself.

In the United States and Europe (rather not yet in Poland), so-called parties are organized gender reveal party, during which the highlight of the program is revealing the child's sex. Usually such admission is planned for the 20th week of pregnancy, when sex can be confirmed in 100%, less often earlier: around 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby's sex can be identified on better ultrasound devices.

It is posted on the Internet and on social media profiles more and more photos and recordings of this type of family meetings.

What is fun about? Parents are asking for the doctor did not disclose the sex of the child, only wrote it on a note, put it in an envelope. This envelope is handed over to the confectionery, where a cake of the right color is prepared and in a style matching the sex of the offspring - standard blue or pink. Sometimes the puzzle is even bigger: a cake with a classic light glaze is prepared, and the center is prepared in the chosen color: choosing hopes pink or blue.

To make the surprise even greater, many UK doctors send a gender message by post. The dough is delivered to the house and when cutting and tasting the first piece, everything becomes clear ... Especially for the most interested parents ...

And how do you like this idea?