How to hug a baby

How to hug a baby

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Every morning when my daughter goes to school we say goodbye with a hug. I snuggle her in my arms as a way of expressing all the love I feel for her. The hug has that power to say and communicate more than words. What's more, it transmits protection, security, confidence, strength and affection to our children. Discover the benefits of hugging for both mother, father and children.

I once received this photograph of a dog hugging a baby that says it all just by looking at it. Along with the photograph, came the text of a small instruction manual to hug a baby, in just 4 steps:

1- Find a baby and make sure that it is a baby using the classic smell technique.

2- Next, feel the baby before starting the hug process.

3- Then, slide your arms around the baby preparing him for the hug.

4- Finally, hug the baby in your arms and if you have a camera nearby, smile to get the best picture.

If a dog is capable of such sweet and delicate acts as these, why are some parents not capable of doing the same with their baby? We all need physical contact to feel good. When we touch and hug each other, we are giving life to our feelings, senses, and fostering trust in our relationship with our children. I am convinced that a hug cures any illness, pain, crying ... The hug causes positive physiological alterations both to whoever gives it and who receives it.

So if you haven't given your child a hug today, don't wait any longer. By hugging him you will be stimulating your emotional bond and creating a sweet and lasting closeness between the two of you. You will tell me.

Discover some benefits that researchers reveal of cuddling and being skin-to-skin with your baby from birth:

  • Get a better neurological development of the baby
  • Promotes the increase of the baby's IQ
  • Supports the emotional development of the baby
  • Has positive and long-lasting effects on premature babies
  • Stimulates babies' sense of touch

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