A father composes a song against bullying

A father composes a song against bullying

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Know that children can be cruel. If a child calls you ugly things, try to make them feel ashamed. Don't let them abuse you. Don't let them humiliate you with words. ' This is the message that Khari toure transmits to her daughter and to millions of girls and boys who, like her, have at some time felt victims of insults and threats at school.

'Love Yourself'('Love yourself'), is the name of a song that stands up against bullying as a powerful and effective weapon. In the face of the cruel words and threats of the bullying children, a song full of messages for the victims of bullying to learn to face it.

Khari toure knows that music reaches children much more quickly and effectively. Therefore, it commands better than a song to convey a message. In this case, the message is clear and resounding: in the face of bullying, learn to defend yourself. The song, modern and catchy, leaves us in the form of hip hop phrases like these:

- 'There will always be people who criticize you for your weight, color or height, but beauty comes in all sizes, colors and shapes. Beauty cannot be measured with a tape measure. '

- 'Your grief is not determined by your weight. You are young, smart and beautiful, so you don't need to worry about how others view beauty. '

- 'Life is not based on the approval of other people. Neither can they put limits on what you are capable of doing and achieving. So repeat with me: I am beautiful and I have dignity. And those words mean that no one will be able to harm me. '

- 'I'm smart. I love myself and what really matters to me is my health '

- 'My oldest daughter is skinny as a stick. She would like to be thicker. But I always tell him that a woman is much more than a figure. Don't hate your body or criticize your weight. Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. '

- 'Talk to yourself as someone you love. Love yourself above all else and get rid of any negative thoughts for who they say you are. '

- 'There will always be better days ahead. Do not be discouraged. Have confidence. It does not matter where you come from, but what you will be able to do in the future. Never give up your dreams'.

- 'You can overcome all obstacles. Nothing is impossible. Build your confidence and you will be unstoppable. You can achieve whatever your mind plans. Work hard and believe in yourself. '

Yes, the hardest lesson is learn to love yourself. This father knows it, that's why he instills these messages in his daughters since they were little. The only way to get rid of bullying is self-esteem. Nobody is above. No one is below. And although life is a constant struggle, there will always be someone to give you a hug. Fantastic initiative of this singer and a fantastic gift for his daughters and for all the children who have ever been bullied by other classmates at school.

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