10 Jewish names for girls

10 Jewish names for girls

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If you have not yet thought about the name of your future daughter, we propose these ten ideas of names for girls of Hebrew origin. Most of its meanings have a mystical sense close to experiences with God, and its sound is very beautiful, and unusual. Some are rare, while other cases their use has spread worldwide.

1.- Athalia: It is a name of Hebrew origin. Its meaning is linked to the power of ‘The Lord’. It also has a biblical sense since Athalia was queen of Judea. The Atalia variant is also used.

2.- Michelle: the meaning of this name of Hebrew origin is 'the one who is illuminated by God'. Among the best known women worldwide who bear this name we can highlight the wife of the President of the United States Michelle Obama, the American actress Michelle Pfeiffer or the Spanish actress Michelle Jenner.

3.- Elisa: his name means 'the help of God'. Its use has spread throughout the world. Among its variants we find: Isabel, Elisabeth, or Eloísa. Among the personalities called Elisa we find the Venezuelan playwright and comedian Elisa Lerner or the Colombian writer Elisa Mujica.

4.- Lilac: a man from hebreo. Its meaning is linked to the night. It has an adaptation that is Leila, and with it we can highlight the French actress Leïla Bekhti.

5.- Joana: it means 'the faithful to God'. It is of Hebrew origin. We find multiple variants of this name such as Juana, Ivana, Xoana, Giovanna or Janet, among others. With this name we can highlight as famous characters Joan I of Castile and Joan of Arc.

6.- Karmele: Karmel's feminine form. It means 'garden of God'. This name is that of the Spanish journalist Karmele Marchante, a Spanish journalist.

7.- Saula: It is the feminine form of Saul, which means "one who has been requested by God." It is a variant of the Hebrew Saul, the original name of the Apostle Paul.

8.- Hannah: it means 'favor or grace'. It is a biblical name. Hannah is the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. Among its variants we find Anna, Anica, Anne or Anaïs. This name was made very popular by the American series Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus.

9.- Ava: This name of Hebrew origin means 'she who gives life'. It is the name of a saint who was blind but at one point regained her vision in a monastery. Among the international personalities that bear this name we can highlight the American actress: Ava Gardner.

10.- Lena: is the diminutive of Magdalena. It means ‘the magnificent one’ although some voices also stand out as meaning ‘the one who lives alone in the tower’. Among the best-known personalities who have this name, we highlight the Russian artist Lena Jeidiz, the German tennis player Anna-Lena Groenefel and Gabriela Lena Frank, a famous American composer.

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