Flower names for boys and girls

Flower names for boys and girls

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name. But it is true that all parents want a beautiful name for their baby that highlights his personality. That is why some opt for flower names for babies, because they are beautiful names and with a special force.

Although most of the flower names are names for girls, we can also find some flower names for boys, with a marked traditional but very original flavor. We have made a list of 10 flower names in which you will surely find the best name for your baby.

1. Violet. It is a name of Latin origin that has been transmitted to us through French. In Latin Viola referred to the flower and nowadays it is also a name for a girl. In addition to the flower, this name is also that of a color, which will highlight the beauty of your girl.

2. Jasmine. This name that refers to this flower with a sweet and intense aroma is of Persian origin. It is ideal for your girl because it has an exotic touch without falling into eccentricity and because it provides a distinguished and delicate air at the same time.

3. Melissa. It is a name for a girl of Greek origin in whose meaning we find the sweetness of honey. It also refers to that flower with sedative effects, as comforting as the arrival of your little girl.

4. Pink. The name has a Latin origin and is one of the most frequent and popular names for girls. The strength it contains makes it stay current generation after generation without losing personality or beauty.

5. Azucena. It is a name of Arabic origin very popular among girls. It stands out for its musicality and charm and it is also a name that maintains the family tradition without being outdated.

6. Margarita. This name is of Greek origin with an eloquent meaning that refers to pearls. It is a traditional name of exceptional beauty that maintains its popularity outside of fashions and trends.

7. Amaryllis. The name is of Greek origin and has a meaning that speaks of brilliance and radiance. It carries beauty and charm implicit and it is also a name that is original because it was rare. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful names for girls.

8. Narcissus. It is one of the few flower names for boys and has a Greek origin. Of uncertain meaning, the name exudes beauty as mythology tells us with the story of the young Narcissus, so beautiful that he was in love with himself.

9. Hyacinth. Again a flower name for a boy and also with a Greek origin and an uncertain meaning. It is a traditional and familiar name with a special energy capable of reinforcing the personality of your child.

10. Iris. It is a name for a girl of Greek origin that refers to the messenger of the gods who united heaven and earth by means of an arc of colors. It is one of the most beautiful and original names for girls, full of charm and meaning.

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