Why should you give your child dinner before 7 in the afternoon

Why should you give your child dinner before 7 in the afternoon

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What time do you usually have dinner? And your sons? What if I told you that dinner should be before 7 in the afternoon? I can imagine the answer: 'if it's snack time!'

In many European countries, 7 o'clock is a very common time to start dinner. But now numerous studies also agree with them. Experts tell us why should we follow in his footsteps.

Cardiologists of the Dokuz Eylul University, in Turkey, have investigated the relationship between dinner time, rest and cardiovascular risks. From their studies they have drawn an alarming conclusion: Having dinner and going to bed right after dinner increases the risk of heart attack and keeps the body on high alert. Between dinner and sleep should pass more than two hours.

If your child goes to sleep at 9:00 p.m. I should have dinner before 7pm, because otherwise, he would go to bed without having digestion well. This makes it more difficult to lower blood pressure, produces adrenaline, and impairs the functions of the heart and blood circulation.

- Evidently, the risk of going to bed right after dinner is much higher for hypertensive people, since blood pressure rises after eating food. This causes the risk of heart attack or stroke to skyrocket.

- To rest correctly, blood pressure should drop when we go to bed by up to 10%. However, in people who eat very late, this decrease does not occur.

- What's more, digestion slows down if you go to bed right after dinner. This causes uncomfortable heartburn to appear and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

- Remember that dinner must be between 15-20% of the daily caloric intake. A dinner that is too large is not recommended. It contributes to unnecessary weight gain (also in children), constipation and stomach problems.

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