"Cat in boots Live" competition

"Cat in boots Live" competition

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You know him from books, you saw him on the small and the big screen. You fell in love long ago. For being a rude, rebel, clever, but also a good friend. For talking a lot and walking everywhere in his huge shoes. Now it's time to see the world's most famous cat live!


1/06/2013 - Zabrze, House of Music and Dance
5/06/2013 - Warsaw, Congress Hall
6/6/2013 - Gdynia, Gdynia Hall
7.06.2013 - Poznań, Hala Arena
8.06.2013 - Wrocław, Hala Stulecia
9.06.2013 - Kraków, Auditorium Maximum

We have for you triple tickets to five cities: Zabrze, Warsaw, Gdynia, Wrocław and Kraków.

How to get the prize?

Until May 16 send to the address [email protected] self-made photo from this year's picnic. Show us how you had fun, what you observed and how you spent your free time. Don't forget to include in the message title in which city you want to watch the event. In addition, please provide your address details in the competition entries you send! Each participant of the competition can send any number of entries!

Detailed regulations can be found here.

Theater performance for children

The Cat in Boots Live is a singing and dancing production in the Polish language telling the story of a cat loved by all. The modernized adaptation of his adventures is a great proposition for the whole family. Fairytale scenery, the play of lights, colorful costumes, new, interesting adventures with a large dose of humor, beautiful live music performed by the orchestra and interactive games with the audience will please the eyes and ears of not only the youngest connoisseurs of art.

Puss in Boots is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world classified as a classic of this genre. The story of a clever cat appeared in the collections of many writers, among others Charles Perrault, Grimm brothers, or even native Jan Brzechwa. Opera authors and animated film makers used it, including Walt Disney. In 2011, DreamWorks label, encouraged by the continuous popularity of this fairy tale, based on it based super-production in 3D. This time, however, the youngest viewers will be able to see the most famous cat live! Makro Entertainment Production in the show Cat in Boots Live takes one of the most popular children's heroes to the stage. Among many adventures, he will meet on his way a whole pageant of both colorful and friendly as well as dangerous characters who will want to prevent a brave cat from achieving its goals. Will he be able to overcome evil and make his dreams come true? For sure - after all, nothing is impossible for a cat in magical shoes!

Colorful stage design, costumes and beautiful music performed by the orchestra will take the viewers into a wonderful, fairy-tale world. Filled with magic and positive energy, the spectacle will surely delight our children, and the opportunity for children to join the stage will be an additional asset and an emotional experience for them. The performance will give them the opportunity to interact with the world of theater from an early age, and its educational values ​​will show how important true friendship, courage and heroism are in life. He will also prove that a dog is not always a man's best friend!

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