The way we talk to children influences their future

The way we talk to children influences their future

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Have you ever stopped to think about how you talk to your child? Do you know how they talk to him at school or in his after-school class? The way we adults talk to children not only influences their mood, but also affects their education and learning.

The Atlanta Speech School has produced a video that has been very successful and reflects how the behavior that adults have towards children can improve the way they learn.

This video shows a day in the life of a child. He goes to school and they don't allow him to speak, they don't know his name, they don't say hello to him, and no one has a phrase for him. He started the day happy and happy to go to school and ended it sad and upset by the treatment he received.

With this video, the Atlanta Speech School wants to show the importance of treating children to adults, especially at school, so that they can feel emotion and desire to learn, so that they do not drop out of school and so that they progress in their learning .

And is that words have great power over children, the good words of educators can teach children to be better, to be engaged, to strive, to share and, above all, to find themselves so that they can become the adults they are meant to be. That is the message of the video that deserves a reflection on the part of parents and teachers.

- Speak negatively: If we constantly tell our children that they are messy, clumsy, bad or lazy, if we yell at them excessively, we continually reprimand or punish them, they will believe that message and adopt the role of the label that we put on them, they will have low self-esteem and also they will tend to rebel.

- Speak positively: If we motivate them correctly and do not tell them that they have failed, but that they are learning, that we trust them, that we know that they will do well and remind them how much we love them, they will have a good self-esteem that will make them grow as people.

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