Children's bites up for debate

Children's bites up for debate

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The conflict between babies and young children in nursery school gives a new twist in terms of the limits that must be set in children's behavior. Thus, the management of a nursery in Alicante, in Spain, decided to deny entry to the center to a 15-month-old baby for repeatedly biting his companions.

The children's bites they are today the cornerstone of the debate between those who approve and disapprove of this decision. It was apparently only proposed as a precautionary measure for the boy to change his behavior. And it is that the bite is very painful for the one who receives it and causes social conflicts, since children, when they suffer repeated attacks, tend to marginalize the child who bites. But why do they do it?

Chewing is a quick way to get a toy or get attention. The bite is also used by extension as self defense, to get attention or when they experience situations that cause them stress, anger or frustration, due to the birth of a brother or when they feel attacked. Other children simply bite by imitation or as a result of excessive discipline or as a result of their experience as a witness or victim of acts of physical violence.

First, we must act in a coordinated and coherent way from different fronts. Parents and educators must show firmness in the face of the child's bites because it is useless to indulge him at home something that is not allowed at school. After, it is convenient explain to the child that it cannot be hurt and if his attitude persists, it is convenient to separate him from the group and from the game, explaining that he cannot do it anymore. It should be a few minutes apart, from 2 to 5 minutes depending on your age, allowing you to think about what you have done and giving you the opportunity to apologize to your partner so that they will acknowledge their mistake.

However, telling a child that biting is not okay is not enough. It is important to show them other alternatives to biting to get what they want, such as the use of language, losing things please, instilling in them the values ​​of respect and tolerance and paying special attention to them so that they develop good self-esteem and personal confidence. Instead, what should never be done is to bite the child who bites to show him what hurts or as a form of punishment, since when children are very young, they cannot relate the pain that they feel when they bite them with the pain that they cause when they bite others. If the child continues biting when it is more than three years old it is necessary to seek the help of a professional.

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