How to prepare for the children's return to school

In many countries of the world, thousands of children rush the last days of vacation as the return to school approaches. During the first days of September, the schools will reopen their doors to welcome both veterans and newcomers.

While the little ones enjoy their days off, parents begin to prepare all the material for their children: clothes, books, backpack, pencils ... Although some parents were foresight and ordered the textbooks at the end of the school year, they did not It is the only thing that children need, so it is time to check that nothing is missing.

What are the basics of going back to school? What do children need to start classes and what are they missing? Here is a small list of items to review and have prepared:

Textbooks: if you did not order them at the end of the course, you still have time to acquire them although at this point you will have to go to specialized bookstores where they are bought on the spot, the downside is that you will find dozens of parents like you and you will have to wait for them long lines that form.

Clothing: If the child does not wear a school uniform, it is convenient that you have tracksuit clothes for the children. They are comfortable, easy to wash and you can find them at affordable prices. If the child wears a uniform, check that it is in good condition if it is from the previous year so as not to arrive the night before and realize that your child has given a stretch and it is not worth it. Also check that the footwear is in good condition.

Bag: If you have to buy your child a new backpack, consider the size and weight of the child. According to experts, the backpacks that children bring to class every day should not exceed 15 percent of their weight, to avoid back problems.

School supplies: If the child begins Early Childhood Education, they will not need pencils or pencil cases, as they are provided at school. Starting in Primary education, it is already convenient to carry a case with the necessary material, mainly pencils and an eraser.

Label clothes: in many colleges and schools, teachers ask children to wear marked clothes, you can do it both with a textile marker and with stickers or even small labellers

If you already have everything prepared, now you just have to raise awareness little by little in your child to ensure that the adaptation to school is the best possible.

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