The school diary: a trick for going back to school

The school diary: a trick for going back to school

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The use of the agenda It has become an indispensable element to study in an organized way. From the second year of Primeria, children come home with homework and bringing them signed up is an advantage for both schoolchildren and their parents. This makes it easier to organize study time and free time based on extracurricular activities or family weekend plans.

If this year, you are not willing to repeat the dislikes of the previous year with homework and schoolwork, buy your child an agenda and teach him to use it. Thus, there will be no forgetfulness, confusion and last minute rush, which can trigger family tensions and lead to school failure.

But, How can we teach children to use the planner every day? In my case, I can say that the solution has come from the school itself. In the first days of class and, from the second year of Primary, the tutor of each class gives all the children an identical agenda for all where they can write down the homework for each day and where, in addition, a series of sections appear at the end interesting and very useful, which turn the agenda into a vehicle for communication between parents, students and teachers. These are the sections Parent-teacher communication, Teacher-parent communication and Justification of absences, among others.

The unification of the agenda, for all the same, and the fact that it is used collectively by the whole class, as when the math or language book is opened, introduces children to organizational techniques, which are very useful throughout the school stage. If the school agenda is not used at your children's school, a good recommendation is to read the book How to organize the disorganized child. Simple Strategies for Succeeding in School, by authors Martin L. Kutscher and Marcella Moran, published by Oniro publishing house.

This self-help manual explains to parents how to teach organization and study skills to your children so that after doing your homework you don't forget to turn it in, so that you plan your time or don't have to go back to school to look for the books you need because you have forgotten them.

And it is that often bright children are not able to organize their homework and plan their studies, which translates into school failure. Although currently, parents usually help them, if we do not know how to do it in a correct way, our efforts can fall on deaf ears. Simple strategies to improve morning and evening routines can help the whole family, and for children, some techniques for learning to manage time, take notes or improve your study skills are essential to approach the new course with renewed energy and start back to school on the right foot.

Marisol New.

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