To discuss. Didactic poetry for children

To discuss. Didactic poetry for children

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For discussion is a fantastic short, rhyming poem packed with great advice for kids. In this case, it is about teaching children the basics when participating in a debate.

Use this poetry so that your children learn to debate successfully In a simple way.

To know how to debate

the important thing is to listen,

and understand what they tell us

to be able to replicate.

Defend our position

does not mean to attack,

reason the arguments

it will give us truthfulness.

Let the contrary speak

not mock or insult,

because to debate

no need to shout.

But if despite everything

calm is not achieved,

you better retire,

Well, there is no debate that is worth it.

And if after what was said

the opponent has won,

we must congratulate him

and we will have learned something.

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